According to rule 9 of the website rules, we are not responsible for the ban of a registered account, we are not responsible for banned accounts since it could happen due to multiple factors. In this case we do not make refunds and do not make replacements. 

One of the most common reasons for a ban is a mismatch between your IP address and the geolocation of the phone number you purchased—make sure to tweak that via a VPN or proxy. You can look up more details on how to properly create an account online. We do not register accounts—our task is to issue an SMS code so you would be able to verify your account. 

General recommendations (in video format)

1. Use quality proxy/VPN. Exclusive/private proxies would fit perfectly. When verifying two or more accounts, you must use different proxies. 

2. Use different devices to verify different accounts. Additionally, it is best that you use different dedicated software and services. 

The different devices include: 

· changing the user agent in the browser manually or using special browsers that change the device-related data themselves; 

· main and extra PC; main and extra phone. 

3. Perform human-like actions: fill your page, follow several people, upload some images, make some reposts, leave likes and comments. 

4. Use browser extensions to change the user-agent or open a new tab in Incognito Mode. Many websites track specific information that could lead to you.