According to rule 10 of the website rules (, we are not responsible for the ban of a registered account. There are multiple reasons for banning accouns. Also, there will be no refund or phone number replacement in this case.

Common ban reason:

Web services can track your IP address and compare it with the phone number you have purchased. To avoid this, we recommend you to change your IP address by using a proxy server. If you want to create accounts in large numbers, apart from a reliable proxy or VPN you will also need special software and a user-agent.


You can also seek advice concerning mass account registration on professional forums.

General recommendations:

1) Use high quality proxies or VPN. For example, exclusive or private ones. Authorazing in 2 or more accounts, you ought to have different proxies.

2) Use different devices to log in muiltiple accounts. You should also use special software and services. For example: 

  • Change the user-agent in your browser or switch to special browsers, which can change it themselves (such as

  • Switch from the first computer to the second computer or from the first smartphone to the second smartphone.

3) Perform human-like actions: fill in the account information, subscribe to several people or add to contacts, upload photos, repost posts, like other people's posts, write comments.