If you finish an order, then there is no way to request and receive SMS using the same number again (except for Mongolian, Vietna Virtual7).

You can receive an unlimited number of SMS within 6 to 30 minutes of the order time (depending on a country and service) on phone numbers of Russia, Kazakhstan, England (Virt14, three, ee, virt15 etc), Mongolia (Virtual7), USA (Virtual8), Canada (Virtual8, Virtual12), and on phone numbers of Virtual2, Virtual21, Virtual26, Virtual34Virtual36Virtual37Virtual38, Virtual40, Virtual41Virtual42Virtual47, Virtual49, Virtual51, Virtual52, Virtual53.

The time between receiving SMS code and re-requesting SMS for number should be no more than 5 minutes, otherwise the order will be closed automatically.

The phone numbers of Virtual4, Virtual23, Virtual32, Virtual35, Virtual50 can receive only 1 SMS.

Mongolian, Vietnamese phone numbers (Virtual7) can receive an unlimited number of SMS within 15 days. After the order is closed, each SMS will be charged according to the price per number.